Secrets of Negotiating Retirement Plan Divisions in Divorce

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This course provides an in-depth examination of the process and procedure of How you negotiate and draft the provisions in your settlement agreement can greatly impact the benefits your client receives when dividing the parties' retirement plan accounts and benefits. This course compares various perspectives on the difference between the many types of retirement plans and why offsetting pensions and 401(k) accounts is not a fair settlement? This course will explore the many aspects of retirement plan division so that you can provide your client with the best settlement possible. You will learn ways you can avoid malpractice when negotiating the settlement of these assets. This course provides an intellectual foundation and introduces a set of learning skills essential for success in the legal profession and for life beyond. The course will provide opportunities for careful reading, for creative and critical thinking, for oral and written communication, and for engaging with others in a shared conversation about stimulating material.


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